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The shocking truth, in depth life stories, contact details, photos, and everything! (Well, the photos, anyway)...

In the name of common decency we have withheld photographs from the site for as long as possible, feeling that this could simply be too disturbing for some visitors. Unfortunately, we could prevent this no more, and photographs have now crept into this site. Those of a nervous disposition should immediately return to our home page. Stronger characters may feel brave enough to look below, but we accept no liability for prolonged viewing of the following shocking images.

Russell Jones
Russell Jones LL.B.
Born in 1959, Russell qualified as a solicitor in 1982, and became a partner in 1986. He is the head of the Litigation and Dispute Resolution department, and specialises in (Claimant) personal injury work, and commercial litigation and employment advice. He is a member of the Law Society's Personal Injury panel, and the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL). He is a fully qualified mediator having trained with the ADRg group.
His hobbies include Classic cars (he runs a Series 2 'E' Type Jag), Fly Fishing, Shooting, and beer testing. He has two children now which hinders some of those hobbies to a greater or lesser extent. He coaches cricket for his local junior cricket club.

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Mark Slade LL.B.
Mark Slade, Managing Partner, was born in 1963, on the day country singer Patsy Cline died in a plane crash (how obscure is that link!) . He qualified as a solicitor in 1989, and became a partner in 1990. Up until 1999 he ran the Domestic Conveyancing department. In 1999 he gave up the conveyancing side to concentrate on running the web business. In April 2002 he took over as Managing Partner. Conveyancing is run with the aid of a Case management system he helped to write, supplied by Select Legal Systems Limited (Tel 01482 644334). Previously he ran a consultancy service offering software customisation to other firms of Solicitors.
He programs in Unix Shell script, perl, Coldfusion, Javascript, and most recently Jquery. If that means nothing to you then you are probably a normal human being.
Mark wants to travel the world, meet all kinds of interesting people and be kind to small furry animals.

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Mark Slade
Mat Slade
Matt Slade LL.B.
Proud, tired father Matt Slade is the third oldest of the partners, having been born in 1970. Brother of Mark, he qualified as a solicitor in 1993, and became a partner in 1997. Since joining the firm he has been involved with the matrimonial department then evolved into a Conveyancing Solicitor and is now responsible for the whole conveyancing department with a penchant for business development.
He supports Nottingham Forest FC to a fanatical degree and has played cricket at County level (he forced me to add this bit). He enjoys running and entering 10k races and beating his friends and gloating (ah bless) . He also enjoys days in the Countryside with his wife and daughters, Katie and Charlotte.

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Christie Limb LL.B. (Hons)
Christie Limb, born in 1974, joined the firm in 1996 and qualified as a solicitor in 1998. She was made a partner at Fidler and Pepper in 2001. Christie specialises in commercial property and heads the Commercial property Department. Prior to giving birth to twins in March 2009 she enjoyed eating out, travelling and shopping. Since then she enjoys sleep whenever this is a possiblity

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Christie Limb
Mat Slade
Natalie Potter LL.B.
Born in 1983, Natalie qualified as a Solicitor in 2008. Natalie is the Head of the Family Department and specialises in Public and Private Law Children proceedings. She is a member of Resolution and the Law Society Family Law Panel.
Her hobbies include keeping fit, watching films, reading, travelling and camping!

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Rebecca Brough BA(Law)
Rebecca was born in 1968, qualified as Solicitor in 2001, and joined the firm in 2002. She specialises in residential Landlord and Tenant work and personal injury (she's a member of APIL, the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers)
Her hobbies include running, reading and running the local brownie group as well as being a taxi service for 2 demanding daughters

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Mark Slade
Mat Slade
Richard Howard LL.B. (Hons) Maitrise
Born in 1981, Richard qualified as a solicitor in 2010 on April Fool's Day (I'm saying nothing). First official grey hair - 2nd April 2010. In his dim and murky past he spent two years living in Paris studying for a Masters in French Law (That's what 'Maitrise' means) and is currently a member of Private Client section of the Law Society.

Richard is a keen sportsman, and plays several sports particularly football, and watches most sports to a fairly fanatical degree.

He also loves travel and lists some of the 'ticked- off' items on his bucket list as swimming with Dolphins in the ocean off Hawaii, watching the sun go down from the top of the Rockefeller Centre in New York, going on Safari in South Africa, and surviving more than one night out in Sutton-in-Ashfield.

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