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Fidler & Pepper Partners

So who are we, anyway?

LegalMove is the On-Line division of Fidler & Pepper Lawyers. But who are Fidler & Pepper?

Well, we're a friendly bunch of people in North Notts.

We've got about 60 staff and 7 partners, spread over 2 offices. But that doesn't even begin to describe who we are and what we're about.

It's a great place to work . A few years ago we worked out what we wanted the firm to be and really the main thing was to keep the culture the same as it's always been - it's always been a friendly place to work - and we reckon that this is an ideal starting point for the business

If it's a good place to work then the staff are happy; if they're happy they'll generally give better service to our clients. Then you get into a virtuous spiral where happier clients refer to their friends who come and use our happy staff until eventually we all skip into the sunset holding hands. It doesn't quite work like that but making it a good place to work is a strong start and we do believe it helps us give our clients better service.

We also put extra work into client care, running additional courses each year to try and focus on a different aspect of working with people - trying to make sure everyone gets to see things from the clients perspective. If you're dealing with a particular sort of work every day then it's easy to forget that for each of our clients their particular case is a major thing to them and needs to be treated accordingly.

We certainly don't always get it right but when we make mistakes we also try and learn from them. On complaints it's very tempting to get defensive and run away from the problem. We really try not to do this and use each complaint as a starting point to see if we can improve our systems to stop it happening again. If this makes us sound perfect then we aren't - but we're trying really hard to get it as good as we can. You can also read our complaints procedure.

If you want to look at the partner profiles then follow this link but we warn you - it's not a pretty sight!

Thanks for taking the time to read this.